Updates to the Website

Sharp-eyed visitors to the website will have noticed  a series of upgrades and re-designs to the site over the past few months. The last of these is now complete. Some of the main updates are as follows:

Clients and Projects: We have introduced a new hierarchical format for the Clients page. You can now see a list of  current and past clients in different sectors and request to see projects for them and finally project descriptions as needed. This re-design is to accommodate expanding work for the company and hopefully is less cluttered and easier to navigate as client and project information continues to grow. There is now also space to present a fully up to date clients list.

Presentations – our Recent Talks  during 2011 have been added to the Publication page.

KRDS: Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS): Cost/benefit studies, tools, and methodologies focussing on long-lived data has its own dedicated webpage and can be accessed via a tab from anywhere within the website.

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