During last year it was a pleasure for us to work with colleagues at Research Consulting and the University on a review of research data management (RDM) services across the University of Oxford.

A case study of that review has now been published as an open-access article by Insights the journal of UKSG.

The case study outlines the review of RDM services carried out at the University of Oxford in partnership with university staff between November 2019 and November 2020. It aims to describe and discuss the processes in undertaking a university-wide review of services supporting RDM and developing a future road map for them, with a strong emphasis on the design processes, methodological approaches and infographics used. The future road map developed is a live document, which the consulting team handed over to the University at the end of the consultation process. It provides a suggested RDM action plan for the University that will continue to evolve and be iterated in the light of additional internal costings, available resources and reprioritization in the budget cycle for each academic year.

It is hoped that the contents of this case study will be useful to other research-intensive universities with an interest in developing and planning RDM services to support their researchers.