November 2012

Stakeholder Benefits from Research Data Management: new document from Research360 project

We are pleased to announce that the JISC-funded Research360 Project has released the summary stakeholder benefits analysis (based on the KRDS Benefits Framework) from the Research Data Management business case for the University of Bath. The 4 page document is available to download in PDF format from

The benefits summary covers the following groups:

University Community

  • Academic Staff and Researchers
  • Students
  • Professional Services
  • Institution

External Partners

  • Industry and Commerce
  • Public and Voluntary Sectors
  • Government
  • Society

Industry and private sector partnerships alongside public sector and voluntary sector partnerships are key elements of many university research programmes. Frequently partners sharing their practice, results data and laboratory methodologies can lead to vital knowledge transfer activities, improved services and products, creation of spin-out companies and further investment in the Higher Education sector.

As part of the Research360 project at the University of Bath, we are examining the data management implications, challenges and benefits associated with Faculty-Industry and Faculty-Not-for-Profit research collaborations. As part of this work, we have developed the summary list of stakeholder benefits that can arise from research data management in these collaborations. This list is now being shared with other universities and their research partners. We hope the generic list can be used as a brain-storming tool and assist in articulating benefits for selected stakeholders from research data management. Users can sharpen these short generic expressions of benefits into more focused value propositions for specific stakeholder audiences as required. Those interested in applying KRDS benefits analysis for stakeholders in research data preservation and curation as well as research data management will also find it of interest.

The Research360 project is funded by JISC and the stakeholder analysis has been developed by Charles Beagrie Ltd and UKOLN at the University of Bath.

Presentations from PASIG Dublin Conference

The presentations from the Preservation & Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) conference in Dublin are now available online. This was one of the best digital preservation events I have attended in many years so I would encourage you all to take a look at the many excellent presentations. Topics included:
– digital preservation bootcamp
– storage trends and futures
– digital preservation research
– practitioners knowledge exchange, with case studies from

  • – London School of Economics
  • – UK Data Archive
  • – LOTAR (Aerospace)
  • – the National Library of New Zealand

– digital audiovisual preservation (organized by PrestoCentre)
– the costs of and cost models for digital preservation
– leveraging the cloud for digital preservation
– architecting for preservation at scale