UK Legal Deposit Consultation (deadline 1st March 2010)

The UK Government’s Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) is inviting responses to a Proposal on the Collection and Preservation of UK Offline and Microform Publications and UK Online Publications (Available free of charge and without access restrictions)

The online document is a republication of the consultation document in commentable form.  As well as supporting comments for each paragraph, it provides a unique URI for each paragraph in the original document, which you may use as reference links in any online discussion you engage in about the consultation.

Chapter 1 provides general information about legal deposit and the legal deposit advisory panel (LDAP) proposals while Chapter 2 describes the consultation process.  Annexes A-F set out the main themes and questions:

Annex A: Proposals for Offline and Microform Publications
Annex B: Proposals for Online Publications
Annex C: Online Content to be Published
Annex D: Impact Assessments – Intervention and options, analysis and evidence
Annex E: Further Details on Territoriality
Annex F: Further Details on Harvesting Process

Finally, Annex G provides a summary of the consultation questions.

Closing date for responses is Monday 1 March 2010.

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