JISC Research Data Preservation Costs Study

I’m pleased to announce on the blog that Charles Beagrie Limited was awarded in December the contract to complete a study of research data preservation costs by JISC. Its an important and topical study as a joint NSF/JISC/Mellon Blue Ribbon Taskforce is about to start its two year assignment to look at sustainable digital preservation and access this month and there are moves to undertake a feasibility study during 2008 for a shared service for preservation of research data in UK universities.

The study has a demanding timescale (we have to report by the end of March) but it will be a pleasure to work with our associate Julia Chruszcz, Brian Lavoie at OCLC and colleagues at the universities of Cambridge, Southampton and King’s College London on this assignment. Work is now well underway.

Very briefly, the JISC is expecting the study should:

  1. Investigate the costs (direct and indirect) of preserving research data, from an institution’s point of view
  2. Construct a list of issues which universities will need to consider when determining the medium to long-term costs of data preservation
  3. Attempt to establish a methodology which will help institutions estimate the cost per unit of research data preserved
  4. Compare the costs of each different model of preservation (eg. shared services, institutional repository, discipline focused, centralised)
  5. Consider the direct and indirect costs of data preservation in the next 5-10 years and beyond.

I will post further information on the study and draft outcomes at the end of March 2008.

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